Eating Is So Over-Rated

27 Jan

Despite my recent absence, so many things have been happening.  Gotta love computers and, thus, the companies that fix them for completely shutting down all communication with the world…

I was doing so well for awhile.  I had my ducks in a row and was eating right, sticking to the diet, and gathering some new favorites.  The holidays really upset the apple cart, though. Between travelling and being broke, trying to eat gluten-free separate from the family was not happening.  It seemed that cheating was not bothering me, so I just went with it. And kept going with it. And then IT happened.

Apparently, my reactions to certain foods are getting worse, or it had just built up so long my body just couldn’t take it anymore. The kids at work are still under the premise I had a stomach virus. (See where this is going? Yeah, it was ugly)  Whatever it was, I don’t want to ever go there again.

I have been trying SO hard to be diligent. IT’s disheartening to think I’m eating something safe (reading the ingredient label should be enough, right?) and discovering that WAY down the label they disclose that, oh, by the way, wheat dust is added to those mixed nuts to make the sea salt stick. Ummm, excuse me – WHY wasn’t that in the ingredients???? GRRRR.


Trying, trying, trying to get it right.  (So, do I get points for avoiding the yeast rolls at Logan’s while my family was inhaling them? That hurt, but probably not as bad as I would have had I eaten them…LOL)


Getting There

30 Nov

Try and try and one of these times…. yeah, I’m getting there, but it’s slow.


For a week or two I was frustrated and just gave up. I was also in a good deal of pain. Go back on the gluten-free diet and in 24 hours the pain is gone. Some foods cause me to be a little light-headed now, some cause headaches, and some give me stomach side-effects that no one wants to hear about, LOL.  The bottom line is if I don’t eat it, I don’t feel bad. PERIOD.  So why do I keep getting messed up? *sigh*


The mother of all questions. Why? Like a child who knows better but chooses to do it anyway, sometimes it’s just a pain in the butt to eat right. Usually that coincides with payday, or rather right before payday.  I haven’t gotten my pantry completely cleaned out since my family still eats what they want on nights when I am working. The hubby thinks it’s too hard to try and cook gluten-free, so when he grocery shops it is all about packaged rices and noodles and Hamburger Helper. (Hey, at least he’s cooking and not taking them to Mickey D’s like he used to…)   Anyway, so for some reason right before payday all that is left in the pantry is all of that nastiness. (HAAA!!! Maybe because he shops like we have a family of 10 instead of a family of 4!)




This was also my first Thanksgiving gluten-free. Both sides of the family went out of their way to make sure I could eat. I was more than willing to eat around  everyone else – there certainly would have been plenty to eat. Instead, I was treated to ALL of my faves — my MIL’s mac and cheese, sweet potato souffle, cornbread dressing, gravy, and green bean casserole WITH homemade onions on top. Delicious.  (My brother did an amazing job on the GBC – actually better than the original.)  Of course, that was in addition to the actual vegetables over two dinners – who said you have to starve when you can’t eat wheat?



Birthday Cake

19 Oct

My co-workers were so sweet. They surprised me with a belated birthday cake and a very nice card.  How could I hurt their feelings after they went to so much trouble and not eat a piece?  I have told them over the past month or so that I’m trying to go gluten-free, but I’m sure it didn’t occur to them.  They certainly didn’t realize I’d pay for it for the next two days… 😦

Cause and Effect

10 Oct

It would be really awesome if I could be completely compliant with my diet. Really I try.  Life kind of gets in the way :(.  When I’m at home I’m pretty good – I’ve got choices that are reasonable and I can go with it.  Sometimes my choices when I am out are not so stellar at best. Like the other night.

We went to the symphony. Fabulous night – took my daughter and her best friend for a girl’s night out. They were doing movie themes from Star Wars, etc. Fun night.  The end of the evening called for a late night IHOP run. Was thinking I could still eat okay. I got the Quick Two Egg Breakfast… and promptly ate the toast while I was talking. OOPS.  Never fails, though, when I mess up that it spirals for a couple of days. I don’t know why. I can try, but it seems to happen that way. Meh.

Sooooo…. I try, I goof, I try again.

BUT I absolutely see the cause and effect in how I feel. When I eat right, I feel good. When I screw up, I feel bad again. No question about it. Wish it wasn’t that way, but it is.  I’ll get there.

I’m no ones idea of a role model. But I am keeping it real. 😉

Dinner That Worked

7 Oct

Always good to come up with something that works… a reminder for me – if anyone else tries it, let me know what you think.

Beefaroni with Kale

1 lb. ground beef

Minced garlic

Onion salt  — I would usually use fresh diced onions and a dash of salt, just didn’t have any onions

Italian seasoning


Kale – one bunch, rinsed and cut to preferred size

1 large can crushed tomatoes with 1/4 can water

Favorite gluten-free elbow noodles

Grated mozzarella and/or shaved parmesan cheese (I used both)

Brown ground beef with garlic and onion salt (or onions) in a large skillet. Add kale and allow to wilt. Add other spices, tomatoes and water. Let simmer till sauce is even.  Cook elbows to package directions and drain. Mix elbows with sauce and serve topped with the cheese.

(I cook kitchen sink – a palmful of this, a shake of that – everything to taste.  But you get the idea…)

Back and Forth

6 Oct

If I had any questions, they’ve been validated.  Eat right – feel better. Eat wrong – pay for it.  I’ve gone back and forth over the last 10 days. Do I really want to commit to this? Is it worth it? Feeling better wins. Hands down.

My daughter is showing signs that her intolerance is back. I guess we always knew it would, but we could hope – right? It was terrible when she was 10. She remembers how hard that was and essentially refuses to even try it now (5 years later.)  Of course, I cook gluten-free most of the time, so that isn’t even an issue. The kids don’t even realize which things are or aren’t  anymore.  It’s the OTHER part of her life she won’t deal with. Sadly, I think she could handle this like a champ if she would try. She’s got great supportive friends who would help her.  Seriously, there are so many more products now than 5 years ago. That DON’T taste like cardboard.  So many different symptoms this time, but I think a trial run would convince her – IF she would do it. Damn teenager.

It’s a learning process. I’m still figuring out what to do as a mom who suddenly had to switch gears.  Can I balance my own struggles with it and put a teenager on the right track as well? I tease that she is mini-me, but I didn’t want this for her.  **sigh**

Big Girl Panties

28 Sep

Over my pity party.  (LOL, for the moment anyway…)

I had a good meltdown in the kitchen (is there any better place to let it all go???)  and proceeded to scour the kitchen for something, ANYTHING I could eat with no pain.  Managed to find a frozen souffle in the freezer that fit the bill. I was a little hesitant due to the spices, but as I sit here 30 minutes later only mild grumbling has ensued and I’m not in agony. That one goes back on the grocery list for today.

Deep breaths. Time to put my big girl panties on and put it all back in perspective.